General Considerations

The most important deisgn aspect is consistency. When you are browsing through a web site and suddenly the page changes color or the design changes completely, your first thought is that you left the site you were on. It is very important to have all your pages appear similar. You can browse through my site and see that you have the same general feel on each page. Also, the navigation is the same on each page. This helps you to find what you need quickly and conveniently.

Pictures and illustrations can add interest and intrigue to a site. However, too many images can bog down a site and can cause slow loading. Simple is better. Use a few important images to enhance, not clutter, your site.

Flash or Splash pages
Although it may be tempting to use all those cool animations in your site, it can also be very distracting and annoying to the user. Only use flash images when they can enhance your site or product and avoid using them just because you can.

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