Architectural Structure

Architectural structure is the "behind the scenes" structure of the web site. This is usually the concern of the web site designer. It shows were the files are stored and how they are organized. (Sample architectural structure)


Navigational Structure

Organizing your web site can be one of the most challenging aspects of web desing. The navigational structure of a web site is what the user sees. It should be in a logical order that is interesting and understandable to the viewer. When developing a web site, it is very important to "map" out the navigational structure first.

Use these five steps to organize your information:
1. Divide your content into logical units
2. Organize the units in a hierarchy of importance
3. Use the hierarchy to establish relationships between the units
4. Map this hierarchy out on paper (example)
5. Anaylze the functionality and aesthetics of the design

Visit my Site Elements page to learn more about different site elements.

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